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Chicago Sun-Times Lays off all Photography Staff

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The Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire full-time photography staff Thursday, including a Pulitzer Prize winner, in a move that the newspapers management said resulted from a need to shift toward more online video.

via Chicago Sun-Times Lays off Photography Staff – ABC News.

Compact camera sales down, Olympus focuses on MILCs

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With the market for compact digital cameras rapidly shrinking, Olympus set its sales target for compact cameras at 2.7 million units for the current business year, compared with 5.1 million units in fiscal 2012. It will continue to focus on development and sales of mirrorless cameras, while drastically reducing its lineup of compact cameras.

via Olympus returns to black in fiscal ’12 but digital camera sales weigh – The Japan Times.

MoMA – 19 New Acquisitions in Photography

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This exhibition addresses photography’s influential role in contemporary art through a selection of recent major acquisitions, primarily multipart and serial works. Presented at MoMA for the first time, these works by 19 artists are grounded in diverse photographic traditions

via MoMA | XL: 19 New Acquisitions in Photography.

Photographing Food May Be Sign of Mental Illness…

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I think this only applies to those who obsessively photograph the food they eat and share it on Facebook. Commercial food photographers need not worry…

Sure people who photograph everything they eat can be annoying, but are they also mentally ill? According to a Canadian mental health expert, taking lots of pictures of food can indicate health or mental problems. CBC reports that Dr. Valerie Taylor gave a presentation called “Food Fetish: Society’s Complicated Relationship with Food” at the Canadian Obesity Summit in Vancouver last week in which she argued that “For some people who have the predisposition for weight behaviours” food photography and social media activity can anticipate “unhealthy weight disorders.”

via Expert: Photographing Food May Be Sign of Mental Illness – Photography Wire – Eater National.

Photoshop – Last chance to buy…

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Adobe aren’t going to sell you any more versions of Photoshop. If you want anything newer than CS 6, you’ll have to pay them a yearly subscription to the “cloud” version. That will cost you $240/yr.

We’re reinventing our desktop apps to make your creative process seamless, intuitive, and more connected than ever. Our newest release — including Photoshop® CC and Illustrator® CC — is coming soon, and will be available only in Adobe® Creative Cloud™. If you join Creative Cloud now, you’ll have access to the new CC applications the moment they are available.

While Adobe Creative Suite® 6 products will continue to be available for purchase, Adobe has no plans for future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products.

via Creative Cloud now includes Creative Suite Master Collection and Design Premium features.

BBC News – Scientists make ‘bug-eye’ camera

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A digital camera that functions like an insect’s compound eye is reported in the journal Nature this week…..It comprises an array of 180 small lenses, which, along with their associated electronics, are stretched across a curved mounting……the device displays an immense depth of field, and a very wide-angle view that avoids the distortion seen in standard camera lenses.