70MP full frame sensor from CMOSIS

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Interesting new full frame 35mm sensor with 70MP is now commercially available. How long before we see something like it an a DSLR I wonder. While this sensor seems to be aimed more at industrial and scientific imaging than at the consumer camera market, it’s interesting to see that they also offer it in a monochrome version. Might be pretty interesting to see a monochrome DSLR with a sensor like this in it. No photo related performance details, but the 3.1 micron pixels have around 3x the area of the pixels in a high end digicam like the Powershot G15

The CHR70M is a high resolution CMOS image sensor with 10000 by 7096 pixels. The image array consists of 3.1μm x 3.1μm pinned diode pixels which share a number of transistors 2 pixels sharing. The image sensor has 8 analog outputs, each running at 30MHz. This results in a frame rate of 3fps at full resolution. Higher frame rates can be achieved in windowing mode or subsampling mode.

via CHR70M – CMOSIS.