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Nikon COOLPIX A – APS-C compact digicam

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More new announcements from Nikon. This time a full APS-C sensor compact digicam with a 16 MP sensor and a 28mm (equivalent) f2.8 lens. The only downside? It’s listed at $1099.95. That’s a lot for a fixed lens camera with a relatively slow prime. If you want the viewfinder too it’s an extra $449.96. The question is would you buy this or an APS-C mirrorless interchangeable lens camera like one of the Sony NEX series with a similar prime? You can get a Sony NEX-5R for $548 and a Sony 16mm F/2.8 for $248. Of course the Coolpix A is a little smaller, butthen there’s always the Canon Powershot G1x with an almost APS-C sensor and 28-112mm lens which is also f2.8 at 28mm and is selling for $699.

The coolpix A is neat, but it would have been even neater with a f1.8 or even an f2 lens. Of course then it would have to be bigger which I guess would spoil it as a “pocket” camera, not to mention make it even more expensive.

Unlike any other COOLPIX camera, the new COOLPIX A is equipped with a DX-format CMOS sensor that enables users to achieve superior image quality previously only possible with a Nikon D-SLR. The combination of this 16.2-megapixel DX-format sensor and ultra-sharp prime NIKKOR lens firmly positions the COOLPIX A as the reigning flagship camera in the COOLPIX line.

The all-glass 18.5mm (28mm equivalent) prime lens has an f/2.8 aperture, allowing users to shoot with a shallow depth of field to blur backgrounds for professional-looking photos. Even when the sun goes down, the lens offers the ability to turn a fleeting glance into a flattering moonlit portrait with just a press of the shutter. Always ready for the spontaneous moment, the camera’s quick AF performance and 4 frames-per-second (fps) burst help users to consistently capture any moment with outstanding image quality.

via Nikon’s Newest Advanced Performance COOLPIX Cameras Provide Incredible Quality and Control for Those Serious About Capturing Stunning Images.