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70MP full frame sensor from CMOSIS

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Interesting new full frame 35mm sensor with 70MP is now commercially available. How long before we see something like it an a DSLR I wonder. While this sensor seems to be aimed more at industrial and scientific imaging than at the consumer camera market, it’s interesting to see that they also offer it in a monochrome version. Might be pretty interesting to see a monochrome DSLR with a sensor like this in it. No photo related performance details, but the 3.1 micron pixels have around 3x the area of the pixels in a high end digicam like the Powershot G15

The CHR70M is a high resolution CMOS image sensor with 10000 by 7096 pixels. The image array consists of 3.1μm x 3.1μm pinned diode pixels which share a number of transistors 2 pixels sharing. The image sensor has 8 analog outputs, each running at 30MHz. This results in a frame rate of 3fps at full resolution. Higher frame rates can be achieved in windowing mode or subsampling mode.

via CHR70M – CMOSIS.

50th Anniversary of the Instamatic (1963)

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50th Anniversary of the Instamatic (1963) | George Eastman House Blog

March 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the Kodak Instamatic family of cameras. These cameras, featuring the instant-loading 126 (Kodapack) film cartridge, were by far the most successful of the time. Instamatics, like the Brownies they replaced, were the entrée cameras for a new generation of photographers.

via 50th Anniversary of the Instamatic (1963) | George Eastman House Blog.

Samsung NX1100 mirrorless

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Samsung seem to have accidentally revealed details of the NX1100 by posting a user manual on their website before actually announcing the camera. I’m sure the announcement will come soon, but it looks like the NX1100 will have a 21.6MP sensor, ISO to 12,800, JPEG and RAW images, 1080p HD video at 24 or 30 fps with stereo audio, contrast detection AF and a burst mode of up to 30 fps. No price in the manual of course!



New Phase One Digital MF backs

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Phase One announces the Phase One IQ2 series: three new full-frame 645 format digital camera backs with high-speed wireless connectivity and 13 f-stops of dynamic range, plus new options to meet specific photographic goals.

via Phase One press releases.

Computational Photography On A Chip

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A chip built by a team at MIT’s Microsystems Technology Lab and funded by Foxconn provides most of what you need to place computational photography right in the camera. It uses so little power that it could be built into a phone or a digital camera and provide the sort of processing that is usually performed by specialist software after the photo has been uploaded to a PC.

via Computational Photography On A Chip.

“Photography Is Not a Crime” Prosecutor Fired for Abusing Position for Lap Dances – Hit & Run :

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Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Ari Pregen tried and failed last November to get “Photography Is Not a Crime” activist Carlos Miller convicted of resisting Miami police while attempting to cover officers breaking up an Occupy protest encampment.

via “Photography Is Not a Crime” Prosecutor Fired for Abusing Position for Lap Dances – Hit & Run :