Fujifilm Shockproof Underwater FinePix XP200 with Wi-Fi

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The FinePix XP200 defines new standards for all-weather digital compacts (15m Waterproof, 2m Shockproof, Sand/Dustproof and -10°C Freezeproof)***; building on the success of previous Fujifilm XP models. The XP200 is the optimal camera for the outdoor enthusiast, and extreme adventurer; whether you’re into climbing mountains or diving in the oceans, the FinePix XP200 has what it takes to deliver high quality still shots and Full HD movies, whatever the conditions are. The CMOS sensor empowers continuous shooting at up to 10fps*4 (max. 9 frames) with a dedicated “Burst Mode Button” which lets you instantly switch into continuous shooting mode. And with Wireless Image Transfer function, you can transfer the exciting photos and movies*5 which cannot be taken by other cameras and smartphones.

The Fuji FinePix XP200 is available for pre-order from ADORAMA at a price of $299. No charges are made until the camera ships.

via Fujifilm launches a new ultra-resilient camera FinePix XP200 with Wi-Fi ®* | Fujifilm Global.