Photoshop – Last chance to buy…

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Adobe aren’t going to sell you any more versions of Photoshop. If you want anything newer than CS 6, you’ll have to pay them a yearly subscription to the “cloud” version. That will cost you $240/yr.

We’re reinventing our desktop apps to make your creative process seamless, intuitive, and more connected than ever. Our newest release — including Photoshop® CC and Illustrator® CC — is coming soon, and will be available only in Adobe® Creative Cloud™. If you join Creative Cloud now, you’ll have access to the new CC applications the moment they are available.

While Adobe Creative Suite® 6 products will continue to be available for purchase, Adobe has no plans for future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products.

via Creative Cloud now includes Creative Suite Master Collection and Design Premium features.

One thought on “Photoshop – Last chance to buy…

  1. marcfs

    Seems like a big gamble on Adobe’s part. Will photographers move to the cloud or seek other alternatives??
    I currently use both CS6 and LR 4…I’m not about to spend $500/year to use both pieces of software.


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