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Bob Atkins
Moderator and Administrator

Posts: 1062
Lensplay Gallery

I've created this thread so that viewers of the new Lensplay Gallery can post feedback.

11-15-2007 12:10AM

Posts: 4

Bob, how about changing the photos you [us] have posted. I find as I learn more and expand/improve my approach and understanding, my view of my photos changes.

Maybe you can allow the original poster to change the photos, either at their pleasure or at an interval, say 30 or 60 days. They wouldn't have to make changes, they would just have the chance to do so.

I am assuming you could identify the poster and allow an edit where an old photo could be replaced.

Anyhow, my thoughts on the gallery in general.

The photos posted so far are very interesting. Is there a way to have the site identify those we have already viewed? Somewhat like the red star that Adobe uses in the forum when you have messages that are new to you.

I know this is probably lots of work and will surely understand if you demure.


11-17-2007 09:35AM
Bob Atkins
Moderator and Administrator

Posts: 1062

I'm tweaking the code a bit, but mostly to try to make it harder to make mistakes with data entry and more secure so users can't accidentally do things I don't want them to do (and they don't mean to do)!

Users can let me know if they want to change their images and I can arrange to do that. Obviously the problem is authentication (are people who they say they are), but I'm not going to worry about that for a while. Registration with authentication is a whole new level of difficulty. Right now I'm handling security by not allowing anyone but me do the final write of data to the database. As long as traffic is light, it's not a problem to do that, though it does mean that uploads have to wait up to a day until I get around to checking the submission queue.

11-17-2007 09:08PM
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