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IMPORTANT: These forums are now closed but are available in "READ ONLY" mode in order to preserve the information contained in them. The forum search function works so you can search the existing posts.

New forums are avaliable here: Photo Forums . These forums were closed for security reasons since they were hacked and the code running them is no longer supported. The new forums are database backed, faster, have more features and are much more secure.

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Bob Atkins
Moderator and Administrator

Posts: 1062
Website Hacked

Today someone hacked these forums and closed down the index page, replacing it with their own message. My apologies to anyone who tried to logon and saw the message.

Thankfully the hacker only changed the index page, which meant I could get things back on-line fairly quickly. The whole site is backed up daily on the server and I backup the site locally on my PC on a fairly regular basis too. I don't think we lost any posts and thankfully this time I didn't have to do a full restore of all the files, which can take a while. There's not that much data, but there are quite a lot of files!

The hacker may well be reading this and in some distorted way I appreciate the warning that there are vulnerabilities in this forum software. I'm looking at what I think the sercurity flaw may be and ways to correct it. I may also install a more recent version of this forum system, though I fear that too has a similar security problem. If the hacker would like to tell me what the flaw is and how to fix it, that too would be apreciated!

The Navboard forum system is no longer actively supported, so there's nobody out there trying to fix existing flaws or security problems. Porting all the existing posts to more current and secure software may not be trival, though at some point I may have to do that.

It's possible the forums will be hacked again of course. If they are, please be patient and I'll try to get them back on-line as soon as I can.

Bob Atkins

Last edited by Bob Atkins on 2-23-2008 04:59PM
2-23-2008 04:53PM
Bob Atkins
Moderator and Administrator

Posts: 1062

This is a test followup to see if the sytem is now working again

Last edited by Bob Atkins on 2-24-2008 02:41PM
2-24-2008 01:00PM
Bob Atkins
Moderator and Administrator

Posts: 1062

If you are having problems with the site, please contact me at the following address with details of what's not working!

2-24-2008 04:25PM

Posts: 1
Web Site Hacked

Hi Bob,

I have my ears on again! :)



2-24-2008 05:43PM
Bob Atkins
Moderator and Administrator

Posts: 1062
Hacked again

Hacked again today. I suspect this may not be the last time. I have increased security again but we'll have to wait and see if it cures the problem. I'll try to fix the damage ASAP if and when it's done and I'll alert the sysadmin of the server I use. He's a friend of mine and knows infinitely more about security than I do.

As usual, please report any problems to me and I'll deal with them as I can. If any readers are website security experts, please contact me at the address given above and perhaps together we can deal with the problem.


Last edited by Bob Atkins on 2-26-2008 12:42PM
2-25-2008 06:00PM

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5-26-2008 03:30PM
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