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DPP - highlight/shadow warning


I am new to digital photo processing and have a question about preferences in DPP the Canon raw converter. You can set the values as of what level you should get a highlight shadow warning. The range is from:

highlights: 192 - 255
shadow: 0 - 64

What level makes sense and why?

If I use the photoshop elements 4 raw converter - where can I set those settings? I have sofar not found anything.


2-23-2008 04:04AM
Bob Atkins
Moderator and Administrator

Posts: 1062

I'd set the highlight warning to maybe 250 and the shadow warning to maybe 5 or so.

They simply tell you when you are losing detail in the highlights and/or shadows and can be useful when adjusting the exposure compensation.

On some images, if you have too much or too little exposure or if you exceed the system dynamic range, you may get one (or both) no matter what adjustments you make to the RAW file conversion.

I don't know if these functions are available in the Elements RAW converter

2-23-2008 05:15PM
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