About the Gallery

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Gallery3 isn't an image sharing website like Flickr. The purpose isn't to provide a place for people to store and display their holiday snapshots or even to provide extensive gallery space for accomplished photographers. Rather it's a place for photographers to place few images (3 at the moment), with a commentary on how (and/or why) the images were created. The commentary is as important as the image and may help others learn about the way a photographer thinks and approaches a subject. In return for contributing an image a link is provided to any other website where more of the photographer's work can be viewed.

If you would like to display three of your images here, you can upload them and a short commentary on each via the upload page. The commentary is very important. It should be more than a caption, in fact if you use less then 50 words, you can't make an upload! This may seem strict, but if you can't say at least 50 words about an image than you probably haven't thought about it enough. Note that you must have taken the images yourself and you must be the copyright holder (unless you transfer copyright, if you took the image, you hold the copyright automatically).

Please do not include promotion for your website in your commentary. You get a link to your website on each page. The commentary should be about THE IMAGE, not about YOU or your photography. If the commentary is just self promotion, the text will be removed and your submission may be rejected.

You should add all three images at the same time. Once the images have been uploaded, you will not be able to upload different images without first contacting me to have the existing images removed. Right now you will not be writing the images directly to the database. They will be placed in a buffer and will only become visible when I update the system and write the buffer to the database. Normally this will happen several times a day (depending on how busy I am!). The reason for this is security. Until I have better security in place, I won't be allowing users to write to the database in this application.

  • If you want your images to appear exactly as submitted then each of the three images should be no more than 500 pixels in any dimension and no larger than 100 Kbytes in size. For example, 500x500, 500(w)x330(H) and 330(w)x500(h) are OK. If you submit a larger image it will be scaled down, but there is an absolute limit of 1MB on submitted file size. Files will be downsized using an algorithm to optimize image sharpness and minimize any changes to overall image quality.
  • The text should be around 50-100 words and should be a description of the image and the way (and/or why) it was created. Equipment specifics really are not necessary, but can be included in addition to the description if you wish.

All images are displayed with a ©Copyright notice crediting the photographer. If you want to embed a copyright notice in the image itself, that's OK too.

File Upload Page

Regarding image rights, here's the plain text version: Basically these are your images and you retain all rights to them. By submitting them to BobAtkins.com you're simply giving me permission to post them under your name in the gallery section on this website. Nothing more. Anytime you want them removed or changed, I'll do that as promptly as I can. This site isn't run by a committee, a team, a corporation, an investment bank or a website consolidator service. It's just me and the buck stops here!

Bob Atkins