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Seals hauled out on an offshore ledge near Acadia National Park. These ledges can only be approached by boat, but note that the marine mammal protection act prohibits approaching too close.
Mergansers on Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park
Cormorants nest on uninhabited offshore islands near Acadia National Park. This image was shot from a boat.
Acadia National Park is home to a number of Bald Eagles. They nest mainly on the uninhabited offshore islands. This image was shot from a boat.
The Bass Harbor light is the only really accessible lighthouse near Acadia National Park. The others are on offshore islands and ledges with no public access. This image was taken from a boat.
Loons are fairly common within Acadia National Park, but you don't often get too close to them. This one was fishing in Jordan Pond
Surf breaking on the rocks along the shoreline of Acadia National Park
Horses at Wildwood Stables in Acadia National Park being prepared for duty pulling carriages along the carriage roads
View from Jordan Pond House across Jordan Pond to the North and South Bubbles.
Fall Foliage and Jordan Pond as seen from the summit of the North Bubble
Sand Beach is the only real ocean beach in Acadia National Park and the only safe place to swim (if you like COLD water!). A lifeguard is present during the vacation season. Though called
Lobster boats are a frequent sight from the shore of Acadia National Park.
Returning to Wildwood Stables after a ride around the carriage roads on Day Mountain, Acadia National Park
Part of the path which loops all the way around Jordan Pond, Acadia National PArk, Maine
The lupins in Acadia National Park drawe attention from many visitors
Roses such as this one are a common sight along the shore in Acadia National Park
Always ready for a handout, Gulls are a constant presence at any picnic in the park!
The Beehive is one of the most interesting hikes in Acadia National Park. The path goes up a 600ft cliff face and it complete with iron rungs and ladders to assit climbers
Looking out from the summit of Cadillac mountain over the town of Bar Harbor and offshore to the Porcupine Islands

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