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1. [The Canon EOS ForumAbout lens solutions for EOS 450D
2. [The General Photography Forumnewbie questions about focus and midday sunlight
3. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 7D Versus 40D Expectations
4. [The Canon EOS Forum"Standard Lens" for 40D
5. [The Canon EOS ForumHigh ISO and the 50D
6. [FeedbackEquipment Review Section of the board
7. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsEF 28-135 vs EF 24-105
8. [The Canon EOS ForumDoes a large capacity cf card work in my Eos 5D
9. [The Canon EOS Forum3 questions on my newly arrived XSi
10. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L USM
11. [The General Photography ForumWindows Based photo management software question
12. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsRechipping a Sigma 400 5.6 APO TeleMacro for Canon
13. [The Canon EOS ForumCircular Polarizer
14. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticspinhole camera
15. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Anyone?
16. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsWhat physical/optical attributes determine the max aperture of a lens?
17. [The Canon EOS ForumAF assist
18. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsRaw files and ISO THE QUESTION NO ONE SEEMS TO BE ABLE TO ANSWER
19. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsClose focus distance vs depth of field
20. [The Canon EOS ForumResolution
21. [The General Photography ForumCanon 5D Mark ll & Buyers BEWARE!
22. [The Canon EOS ForumMemory Card
23. [Canon EOS ClassifiedsClassifieds information - please read before posting
24. [The Canon EOS ForumCANON 1.4X EXTENDER ?
25. [Feedbackwhat do i do!!!???
26. [The Canon EOS ForumMacro Lense
27. [The Canon EOS ForumINPUT NEEDED...
28. [The Canon EOS ForumAny thoughts on this?
29. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsTesting an old flash for voltage
30. [The Canon EOS ForumLens help plz...
31. [The Canon EOS ForumSensor Dust Avoidance
32. [The Canon EOS ForumNeed help deciding between two telephoto zoom lens options
33. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 7D and getting it right.
34. [The Canon EOS ForumConsidering replacing 1d mark ii with 7D
35. [The Canon EOS Forum300 2.8 IS
36. [The Canon EOS ForumSigma 12-24 and Cokin/Lee Filters
37. [The Canon EOS ForumNew Canon 15-85 efs
38. [The Canon EOS ForumRepair Conundrum
39. [The Canon EOS Forum7D Flash Control
40. [The General Photography ForumPhotography Demonstrations
41. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsTamron 18-250, not really 250. Really not 250.
42. [The Canon EOS ForumEOS 7D vs EOS 50D vs EOS 5D MkII comparison- which one to choose?
43. [The Canon EOS ForumLocked up Rebel XT
44. [The Canon EOS ForumNew lenses > New Kits?
45. [The Canon EOS ForumClose up setting Rebel XS
46. [The Canon EOS Forums-RAW, m-RAW, and noise
47. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 7D
48. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 50d Lenses
49. [The Canon EOS ForumsRAW buffer depth
50. [The Canon EOS Forum35MM Canon T50 help??
51. [The Canon EOS Forumconsidering to buy 5D(original)?
52. [The Canon EOS Forum50D Autofocus
53. [The Canon EOS Forum40d and old nikon 800mm lens
54. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 40D raw in mannul only not auto
55. [The Canon EOS Forumis my camera messed up?
56. [The Canon EOS Forumafps vs mfps
57. [The Canon EOS ForumOld copy of Tokina 80-200 f/2.8
58. [The Canon EOS ForumDigital Rebel XS error code 99
59. [The Canon EOS ForumAuto White Balance vs. Custom
60. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsI accidentally forcefully over-turned the lens barrel (rotating)
61. [The Canon EOS ForumWhich Wide Angle Zoom
62. [The Canon EOS ForumBest starter lenses for a beginner
63. [The Canon EOS ForumNoise level comparatives
64. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Speculation
65. [The General Photography ForumTamrom Zoom lenses 18-250 and 18-270 IS
66. [Technical Questions on Photography and Optics!.4X Extender recommendations: Canon or Kenko or Sigma ?
67. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsFF vs APS ( 5D vs 20D sensor) article
68. [The Canon EOS Forumreplace the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS with....????
69. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsTesting Old FD Lenses
70. [The Canon EOS Forumtelephoto lens
71. [The Canon EOS ForumVision Through DSLR
72. [The Canon EOS Forum47th st photo
73. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon's plans for lenses
74. [The Canon EOS Forum70-200 w/TC vs. 100-400?
75. [The Canon EOS ForumThe mystery of the EOS photo counter
76. [The Canon EOS Forumcanon zoom 70-300 is usm vs 100-400L is usm
77. [The Canon EOS ForumFuture of Digital? New Canon 111D?
78. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsResolution and High ISO use.
79. [The Canon EOS ForumShooting a pub at night
80. [The Canon EOS ForumWhy small apearture is worst on more MPs?
81. [The Canon EOS ForumSomething between 40D and 50D
82. [The Canon EOS ForumLonger lens or extenders
83. [The Canon EOS Forumcanon 70-200 2.8 IS or Tamron 18-270 VC ??
84. [The General Photography ForumFinding a Nikon Coolscan Scanner
85. [The Canon EOS ForumAny experiences with new FD adapter?
86. [The Canon EOS ForumThe 24-70L or 3 different primes?
87. [The General Photography ForumSetting up a sales website
88. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsPrime v Zoom
89. [Technical Questions on Photography and Optics18-55 for macro use but what's a better choice?
90. [The Canon EOS Forumcleaning the sensor on 40d
91. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsMOVED: banquet photos
92. [The Canon EOS Forumbanquet photos
93. [FeedbackCanon complaints
94. [Technical Questions on Photography and Optics100% Crop
95. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCanon XTi flash
96. [The Canon EOS ForumWhat Lens to choose
97. [The General Photography ForumTrusted WebSite Vendors
98. [The General Photography ForumHas anybody combined tilt and shift lens with a video camera?
99. [Feedback270EX
100. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCanon EF 100mm f2.8 marco usm VS Sigma 105mm f2.8 macro
1. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCanon 40D AF Issues - What are my options?
2. [The Canon EOS ForumFlash settings?
3. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 17-55mm f2.8 IS and Canon 40D - expecting too much or what?
4. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsLas Vegas Nights and Grand Canyon - Best Lens under $400 for site
5. [The Canon EOS ForumPurchasing Used Equipment
6. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 5d mark II
7. [The Canon EOS Forumgood cheap macro lense
8. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsPosition of the focal plane of a camera on a photo taken with it
9. [The Canon EOS Forumpurchase
10. [The Canon EOS ForumLCD monitor for photos
11. [The Canon EOS Forumrecommendation for camera bag(s) for the canon 40d
12. [The Canon EOS ForumSurf photography
13. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 40D package - what do u think + any tips??
14. [The Canon EOS ForumPowershot Pro 1
15. [The Canon EOS Forumcan my lens be serviced?
16. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsMy not-sharp 28-135 IS
17. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCanon Macro Lens
18. [The Canon EOS ForumWho cleans their own prism glass?
19. [The Canon EOS ForumIf if seems too good to be true, then it probably is
20. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsFull frame lens use with DX sensor (Nikon)
21. [The Canon EOS Forum50D HD Filming Speculation
22. [The Canon EOS Forumlens problem
23. [The Canon EOS ForumEyepiece blinds
24. [The Canon EOS ForumPitted lens glass
25. [The Canon EOS Forum50d top lcd chipped
26. [The Canon EOS ForumDo I see RAW, JPEG, or what on my lcd screen?
27. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsEffects of Sensor Size on Photogrammetric Measurement Accuracy
28. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon's lenses.
29. [The Canon EOS ForumAnyone know when the new Adobe Camera Raw for the T1i will be out?
30. [Technical Questions on Photography and Optics 5Dll vs 1DS Markll
31. [The General Photography ForumIdeal LCD specs for photo editing
32. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsThe Cost vs. Performance Dilemma of Choosing a Circular Polarizing Filter
33. [The Canon EOS ForumBest Lens Recommendation
34. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsLens Tests
35. [The Canon EOS ForumEOS 5D Focus Screens
36. [The Canon EOS ForumLenses for Canon 50D
37. [The Canon EOS ForumWeatherproofing for beach trip
38. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsEdited with DPP, then viewed through Zoom Browser
39. [The Canon EOS Forum40D backup - refurbed XT?
40. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsToo much fill flash
41. [The Canon EOS ForumDPP-Fuzzy thumbnail images
42. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsWhisch lens to choose?
43. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Price Increases Coming Soon?
44. [The Canon EOS Forum135mm f/2l with a teleconverter
45. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsManual focus lenses
46. [Technical Questions on Photography and Optics Help with a "walk-around ...
47. [The Canon EOS ForumDigital Rebel XT Focus Problem
48. [The Canon EOS ForumMatching a DSLR to an NP101
49. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsModifying the Canon EF-S 18-55 *IS* lens for use on Canon 10D?
50. [The Canon EOS Forum5d (mk 1 - original) versus 50d or new 500d
51. [The General Photography ForumCopying Film to Digital
52. [The General Photography ForumLarge print
53. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticsdepth "compression" with long FL lenses
54. [The General Photography ForumTraveling with your camera
55. [FeedbackProblem running DOF/fuzziness calculator
56. [The Canon EOS ForumBest lens to take backpacking
57. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Warranty
58. [The General Photography ForumIS Evaluation
59. [The Canon EOS ForumEOS 400D - flash not working
60. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon EF 180mm f/3.5 L USM Macro Mark II ?
61. [The Canon EOS ForumLooking for a normal lens
62. [The General Photography ForumEXPOSE TO THE RIGHT
63. [The Canon EOS ForumAction Shots
64. [The Canon EOS ForumI Can't Decide between these 2 Lens's
65. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticsmaximum aperture size in zoom lenses
66. [The Canon EOS ForumWant to Buy- 70-200mm
67. [The Canon EOS ForumNew 270 flash
68. [The General Photography ForumHoya HD Filters
69. [The Canon EOS ForumRGB Histogram
70. [The Canon EOS ForumEOS1N with manual lens adapters
71. [The Canon EOS Forumcanon eos 450d usb cable
72. [The Canon EOS ForumCable for Canon 1d
73. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsIs a lens with fungus spots worth buying?
74. [The Canon EOS ForumUV filter thickness issue for Canon 10-22
75. [The Canon EOS ForumUpgrade Advice
76. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 1d mark iin vs. mark iii
77. [The Canon EOS ForumInfrared Photography, why no SLR specific?
78. [The General Photography Foruma good - excellent monopod
79. [The Canon EOS ForumSharing a little experience on 18-55 IS
80. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsPhase Detection Autofocus
81. [The Canon EOS Forum420EX preflash and non-preflash trigger
82. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsFast wide angle lense
83. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 450D in live view plus studio flash - can it work?
84. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticsconcert photography
85. [The Canon EOS ForumDxO Mark Rankings
86. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsPost processing using DPP
87. [The Canon EOS ForumViewfinder magnification
88. [The General Photography ForumPrinting
89. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsSpherical aberration and focusing
90. [The Canon EOS ForumLens suggestions
91. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsArticle about the eye as an optic system
92. [The Canon EOS ForumError 99, interesting symptoms
93. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCanon 20D and EF12II, EF 25II
94. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsBlurry Advice
95. [The Canon EOS ForumISO Mismatch - Stated vs. Measured
96. [The Canon EOS ForumPlus-Sized 35mm full-frame sensor?
97. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticscanon rebel direct to laptop
98. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsNew scratch-resistant filters?
99. [The Canon EOS ForumLenses lenses lenses....Help!
100. [The Canon EOS ForumWalkaround Lens(es)
1. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 5D mk II vs 50D at 1600 ISO
2. [The Canon EOS Forum300 D - Menu button no longer displays the menu
3. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 5D mk II vs 50D at 1600 ISO
4. [The General Photography ForumPhotoshop CS4
5. [The Canon EOS ForumLens Defect Survey
6. [The Canon EOS ForumEOS 5D MII REview
7. [The General Photography ForumLabs for printing
8. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsGreen Goblin effect
9. [The Canon EOS Forum5D Mark II in stock at Adorama
10. [The General Photography ForumTripod & UV Filter Suggestion !
11. [The Canon EOS Forumis canon preparing to market an updated 35mm L lens
12. [The General Photography Forumdigital sharpening post exposure
13. [The Canon EOS ForumThe Canon f1.8 50mm
14. [The Canon EOS ForumBest method to shoot water falls11
15. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsMillennium UV Filters
16. [The Canon EOS ForumOne small 5d Mark II data point
17. [The Canon EOS ForumOptions for long focus lenses
18. [The Canon EOS ForumWhat Software to Use for 50d
19. [FeedbackArticle Idea(s)
20. [The Canon EOS ForumMissing feartures
21. [The Canon EOS Forum50D Resolution v/s Lens resolution
22. [The General Photography ForumKodak Ektar Film
23. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsProcessing digital infrared photos
24. [The Canon EOS ForumEF-S 24 mm Lenses
25. [The Canon EOS Forum50 D Blurred Images
26. [The Canon EOS Forum50D shows lens flaws or poor technique?
27. [The Canon EOS Forum5D Mk II JPEG - Very Digital Feel/Look?
28. [The Canon EOS ForumUsing a Metz Hammerhead flash with a 40d
29. [The General Photography ForumPhotoshop: cheating or not cheating?
30. [FeedbackBob Atkins
31. [The Canon EOS Forumquestion about EOS 650,
32. [The Canon EOS ForumTripod
33. [The Canon EOS ForumHow do you freeze flying birds with Canon 1d mark III?
34. [The Canon EOS ForumHow to take photos in snow scenes?
35. [The Canon EOS Forumbetter lens for canon 450D
36. [The Canon EOS ForumReturning or having Canon calibrate a new lens?
37. [The Canon EOS ForumMacro Flashes?
38. [The Canon EOS ForumPlease Help: Advice needed on single lens solution for canon rebel xt
39. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsWhite Balance on Canon EOS Digital
40. [Feedback24mm Article
41. [The Canon EOS ForumMacro & Portrait Lens
42. [The Canon EOS ForumEOS Lens Mounts Normally Have Some Play in Them
43. [The Canon EOS Forummy odyssey with 70-200 L f4 IS.... what to do now?
44. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsLines per mm. in relation to magnification factors.
45. [The Canon EOS ForumShould I Use a Flash for Nature Photography?
46. [The Canon EOS ForumStrange observation with my new 50D.......
47. [Feedbackbogus photo stores
48. [The Canon EOS ForumDigital Rebel for infrared
49. [FeedbackSpam and other assorted unwelcome visitors!
50. [The Canon EOS ForumTelescopes as long focus lenses
51. [FeedbackWhen will Canon 50d prices really drop
52. [The Canon EOS Forum50D: RAW SRAW1 SRAW2 a question
53. [The Canon EOS ForumEF-S 17-85 vs. EF-S 18-200?
54. [The Canon EOS ForumWildlife lenses
55. [The Canon EOS ForumConfused: Lense line-up for Canon 50D!
56. [The General Photography ForumMacro Aperature Shift
57. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsYour "Black Dots" article - question
58. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Extension Tubes
59. [The Canon EOS Forum40D and speedlite 200e
60. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon EOS 1n
61. [The Canon EOS ForumWirelss Remote Shutter Release
62. [The Canon EOS ForumWide Angle Options
63. [The Canon EOS ForumDream Lens
64. [The Canon EOS ForumLens Combination
65. [The Canon EOS ForumDisney Parade at Night
66. [The Canon EOS ForumBattery Charger XSI
67. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Software, DPP 3.4.1, 3.5.1
68. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsChecking out a new camera
69. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 5D 2 at Best Buy
70. [The Canon EOS ForumQuestion on AF
71. [The Canon EOS Forum40D or 450D or 400D and star trail photography
72. [The Canon EOS ForumAuto ISO on 50D
73. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsMy crop factor confusion.
74. [The Canon EOS ForumCamera Body Purchase Advice
75. [The Canon EOS ForumQuestion for Bob - How was a hot pixel fixed on new 5D MkII?
76. [The Canon EOS ForumChoice of New Bundled Camera Body and Lenses
77. [The General Photography ForumGallery updates
78. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsNew Lens for me
79. [The General Photography ForumCapturing fast-moving airplanes and minimizing blur
80. [The General Photography ForumSharp, in focus night scene with Christmas lights
81. [The Canon EOS ForumWill a higher ISO camera compensate for a "light pig" lens?
82. [The Canon EOS ForumCamera Bodies, puzzled
83. [The Canon EOS ForumSpeaking of filters
84. [The Canon EOS ForumWarranty Service - Mis-directed package
85. [The Canon EOS Forummicro focus adjustment technique
86. [The Canon EOS ForumAppreciate the 50D Review
87. [The Canon EOS ForumOk, lens suggestion
88. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon EOS 2x extender
89. [The General Photography ForumLens pouch
90. [The General Photography ForumCamera for hiking
91. [The Canon EOS ForumHelp with Digital Rebel XS Auto Focus
92. [The Canon EOS Forumcanon digital rebel xs, Sports lenses
93. [The Canon EOS ForumBattery grip question
94. [The Canon EOS ForumTamron SP AF 1.4X and Canon 40D
95. [The Canon EOS Forum28-135 USM IS question
96. [The Canon EOS Forumhelp!!
97. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCircular polorizing filter questions
98. [The Canon EOS ForumTrying Macro Photography
99. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon XSI and Canon Kiss 2
100. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 50d: Bad review
1. [The Canon EOS Forum5D and 400 D CF problem
2. [The Canon EOS ForumWhat is equivalent to A2E?
3. [The General Photography ForumInsects
4. [The Canon EOS ForumAdding Picture Styles to Canon DPP
5. [The Canon EOS Forum1ds mk iii versus new 5D
6. [The Canon EOS ForumBest wide angle lens?
7. [FeedbackSaving RAW images with Canon Powershot cameras
8. [The Canon EOS Forum1DS MK111 picture styles
9. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Rebel XSI vs 50d or Full Frame Camera
10. [The Canon EOS Forum5D MarkII VS 50D
11. [The Canon EOS ForumSDHC Card Speeds?
12. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsEF-S Aperture vs EF Aperture
13. [The General Photography ForumLens Filters
14. [The Canon EOS ForumIS lenses
15. [The Canon EOS ForumPicture Styles on a CF Card
16. [The Canon EOS Forum40D oversaturation
17. [The Canon EOS ForumMOVED: Is that picture worth 3.500.000 Euro ? Am I off topic ?
18. [The General Photography ForumIs that picture worth 3.500.000 Euro ? Am I off topic ?
19. [The Canon EOS ForumI think I made a mistake - 70-200mm 2.8L IS
20. [The Canon EOS ForumMissing RAW Files
21. [The Canon EOS ForumTo buy or not to buy the EOS mkII
22. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 500 f4 lens drop in circular polarizer
23. [The Canon EOS Forumspecific lens
24. [The Canon EOS ForumAnticipating 5D kit around 2000dollar?
25. [The Canon EOS Forumwhich ultrawide lens for me?
26. [The Canon EOS ForumPost Processing & ISO
27. [The General Photography ForumUse of lens hoods
28. [The Canon EOS ForumNew lens for my 20D
29. [The Canon EOS Forummedium format
30. [The Canon EOS ForumMore Megapixels and More Computer
31. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsAuto Focus Technology for Low Light Moving Subject Shooting
32. [The Canon EOS ForumFerrety Fotos
33. [The Canon EOS ForumFocus Priority or Trap Focus - 30D
34. [The Canon EOS ForumExtreme, Ultra, UDMA - which CF Card?
35. [The Canon EOS ForumWhat should I upgrade to?
36. [The Canon EOS ForumSharp lenses for the future
37. [The Canon EOS ForumNew Zeiss Lenses
38. [The Canon EOS Forumoverexposing on 20D
39. [The Canon EOS ForumQuestion about 18-200 lens.
40. [The Canon EOS ForumDigital FF photography a rich man's game
41. [The Canon EOS ForumWhat is the benefit on the FF body in terms of IQ?
42. [The Canon EOS ForumAbout the Appendix F
43. [The Canon EOS ForumI can't decide if I should get another APS Canon or change to full frame
44. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticscanon 24mm f2.8
45. [The General Photography ForumCircular Polarizer
46. [The Canon EOS Forumsoft focus or needs post processing????
47. [The Canon EOS ForumEF Lense Question
48. [The Canon EOS ForumPixel problems with Canon 40D.
49. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCanon 70-300mm IS
50. [The Canon EOS ForumCokin P series filters
51. [The Canon EOS ForumUpgrading from XTi to a heavier camera like 40d or 50d....
52. [The General Photography ForumHow to photograph Volleyball
53. [The Canon EOS ForumWhat is the correct circular polarizing filter?
54. [The Canon EOS ForumElan 7N - record exposure info?
55. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticssRAW and how it is implemented?
56. [The Canon EOS ForumNew filter for new lens
57. [The Canon EOS Forum5D Replacement
58. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticstest chart; inches or centimetres?
59. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 18-200mm EF-S f/3.5-5.6 IS
60. [The Canon EOS ForumDust Inside Lens
61. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 100-500L IS
62. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsDiffractive Optics question
63. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsLocation of Aperture
64. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 50D
65. [The General Photography ForumNew Exposure article
66. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsCanon 25mm Extension Tube.
67. [The Canon EOS Forum9 AF POINTS(eos 400D).... Which one produces the most sharpest picture?
68. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsHyperfocal Distance and Infinity
69. [The General Photography Forummicro 4/3s
70. [The Canon EOS ForumEXIF CODES
71. [The Canon EOS ForumNew Tamron 20-270 Zoom
72. [The General Photography ForumBallheads.
73. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Rebel and 70-300 at the circus
74. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 24MM TS-E update?
75. [The Canon EOS ForumMobile Hard Drive compatible with WFT-E2/WFT-E2a
76. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsEXIF Hyperfocal Distance etc.
77. [The Canon EOS ForumMOVED: How can I use midium format Dslr with reasonalbe price?
78. [The General Photography ForumHow can I use midium format Dslr with reasonalbe price?
79. [FeedbackISO Setting for 5D Fireworks Shot - ref Bob's firework article
80. [The Canon EOS Forumthe IQ of the 70-300IS with close-up lens?
81. [The Canon EOS ForumIs 5D almost same price as now in this fall?
82. [Technical Questions on Photography and Optics1.6X crop versus full frame sensor diffraction limits with small apertures
83. [The Canon EOS Forum40D Lens for Indoor Sports
84. [The General Photography ForumStoring Digital SLR
85. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsDigital Dark Room skill
86. [The Canon EOS ForumCANON 5D HELP
87. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsRemembering Velvia color
88. [The Canon EOS ForumFD Lenses
89. [The Canon EOS ForumFor normal zoom lens' choice.
90. [The Canon EOS ForumXSi vs 40D
91. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon MF lens/Leica R lens for digital body?
92. [The General Photography ForumAny suggestion for improvement? Is is performing as it should?
93. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon EOS Technical Back E Manual
94. [The Canon EOS ForumQuestion regarding periodic maintenance
95. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon's metering
96. [The Canon EOS Forum40D Review - Lens Suggestions
97. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 24-105 vs. 28-135
98. [FeedbackNew User Gallery Experiment
99. [The Canon EOS ForumRebel XSI vs Canon 40D
100. [The Canon EOS ForumISO Display Changed?
1. [Technical Questions on Photography and OpticsLens Resolution Article
2. [The Canon EOS ForumLens Interchangeability Question
3. [The General Photography ForumWhite Balance for Aquariums
4. [The Canon EOS ForumJust another lens advise
5. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon Exif FocusDistance Upper/Lower
6. [The Canon EOS ForumPlease help me make a lens decision...
7. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 5D control layout
8. [The Canon EOS ForumCanon 100-400 L IS--Hit or miss?
9. [The General Photography ForumCanon PowerShot S3 IS
10. [The Canon EOS ForumI am longing for this FF camera: 600-700g, built-in frash and below $1200
11. [The Canon EOS ForumAnother lens advice question
12. [The Canon EOS ForumOff-Centered photo by EOS XSi with EF-S 55-250 lens
13. [The Canon EOS Forumlens hoods for use with APS-C cameras
14. [The Canon EOS Forum5d and 580EX Problems
15. [The Canon EOS ForumSpeedlite 580EXII & Digi-Slave 3000
16. [The Canon EOS ForumWhich lens for Yearbook photos?
17. [The Canon EOS ForumFlash For Canon 40D
18. [The General Photography ForumAperture 2 Opinions/Questiions
19. [Feedback50$ rebate along with $300 rebate
20. [The Canon EOS ForumRattling noise in 40D!
21. [Technical Questions on Photography and Opticsphotoshop elements 6
22. [The Canon EOS Forumcanon flash and grip
23. [The Canon EOS ForumMoving to 5D
24. [FeedbackMOVED: Sony DSC-R1
25. [The General Photography ForumSony DSC-R1
26. [FeedbackOld forum archive avaliable
27. [The Canon EOS ForumWhich lens to buy? [70-200/2.8 vs. 100-400/4.5-5.6]
28. [The Canon EOS ForumEye control focus on digital SLRs?
29. [The Canon EOS ForumQuestion regaring polarizing filter
30. [The Canon EOS ForumTruly Amazing...[5D image quality]
31. [The Canon EOS ForumWildlife Lens Question...
32. [The Canon EOS ForumFirst Topic! EF-S 55-250 vs EF 70-300
33. [FeedbackWelcome to the new forums on