Featuring sophisticated advances in design and performance, the Speedlite 380EX is a new clip-on flash unit that replaces Speedlite 300EZ as the mid-range model for Canon's popular EOS system. Developed in conjunction with Canon's EOS Elan II cameras, the Speedlite 380EX is also fully compatible for TTL automatic exposure with other EOS system cameras.

When used with an EOS Elan II or IIE, Speedlite 380EX carries the technology of electronic flash photography to an incredible new level of precision and creativity with exclusive features including:

* Canon's unique E-TTL evaluative pre-stored flash exposure control system.
* FE Lock for a new dimension of creative control.
* FP Flash that enables flash photography with shutter speeds of up to 1/4000th sec.
* Second Curtain Sync which is controlled through one of the camera's Custom Functions.

With all EOS cameras, Speedlite 380EX offers a wide range of other creative and operational features including:

* 90-degree bounce capability with flash exposure confirmation signal.
* Six-position auto zoom head for flash photography from 24mm to 105mm.
* A powerful guide number from 69~125/21~38 (ISO 100, ft./m) depending on the auto zoom head position.
* Automatic shut-off after 90 seconds to save energy and extend battery life



E-TTL (Evaluative TTL) is a major step forward in flash photography Q the third step in the evolution of Through-the-Lens flash exposure control systems. Conventional TTL and A-TTL flash systems measure and control flash illumination reflected from the filmUs surface during exposure. With E-TTL, flash exposure is measured and controlled by the Elan II/IIEUs 6-zone evaluative metering sensor in combination with the AIM system. Subject position, ambient light level, evaluative metering and pre-flash data are instantly analyzed. Flash output is then controlled to provide a natural balance between subject and background, in any shooting condition. Difficult situations that often fool conventional TTL systems, such as heavy backlight or even bright reflections from glass or mirrors, are recognized and dealt with automatically by E-TTL. And E-TTLUs integration with CanonUs AIM system means that you can concentrate on an off-center subjectUs peak expression, without the requirements imposed by other systems to lock focus and recompose.


FE Lock (Flash Exposure Lock) provides an AE lock function for flash photography. Available exclusively with the combination of the Elan II/IIE and Speedlite 380EX, FE Lock takes advantage of the cameraUs AIM system and 9.5% partial metering capability to isolate flash readings to a small part of the picture area. With FE Lock, the Speedlite 380EX preflash fires when the cameraUs AE lock button is depressed, storing AF and metering data for up to 16 seconds. This provides enough time for adjustments: Not only can the shot be recomposed, but the background exposure can also be altered for maximum creative control.


When used with EOS Elan II or IIE cameras, the Speedlite 380EX can be set to FP Flash mode for use with shutter speeds from 1/180th to 1/4000th second. This gives the photographer extended creative control over ambient light photography in a flash mode. FP sync is ideal for use with high-speed films, for fill-flash portraits, and for close-up and scientific photography. Unlike conventional flash, guide numbers decrease as shutter speeds increase: Please refer to the GN chart on the back page of this Sales Guide. FP Flash is usable with the Creative Zone modes of the Elan II & IIE cameras - Intelligent Program, Shutter- priority, Aperture-priority and Manual.



For enhanced "natural" flash photography, the head is tiltable from 0 degrees to 90 degrees while still providing TTL automatic flash exposure. A green LED on the back of the 380EX glows to confirm proper flash exposure after the shot.


The head of the Speedlite 380EX automatically zooms to six different positions, providing proper coverage angles for lenses with focal lengths from 24mm to 105mm. When used with a Canon EF zoom lens, the zoom head will automatically adjust to meet the focal length being used. This feature enables higher flash output at the longer camera-to-subject distances required for telephoto focal lengths. The user can see the setting as indicated by a series of red LEDs on the rear of the unit.


Speedlite 380EX provides outstanding power for a mid-range flash unit, with a guide number range from 69 to 125 in feet (21 to 38 in meters) at ISO 100, depending on the position of the zoom head. The 50mm guide number is 102 (31 in meters), producing a usable distance range from 2.3 ft. to 56 ft. with ISO 100 film when using a standard EF50mm f/1.8 II lens.


Speedlite 380EX is equipped with a Save Energy (SE) function that automatically shuts off the flash after 90 seconds of inactivity to conserve battery life. Power automatically turns on again with EOS cameras when the shutter button is depressed or when test firing button is depressed.


Type: Direct coupling shoe mount automatic flash permitting TTL automatic flash with Canon EOS cameras and E-TTL exposure control with EOS Elan II cameras. Auto zoom and bounce functions plus high-speed sync mode, FE Lock mode, AF Auxiliary Light and shoe lock.

Compatibility: Compatible for TTL operation with all Canon EOS cameras (except Elan II/IIE) and T90 cameras. E-TTL exposure control, FE Lock, FP Flash, and second-curtain sync only with Canon EOS Elan II & IIE cameras.


Normal output (ISO 100, m/ft.)

Zoom Position     24mm    28mm    35mm    50mm    70mm    105mm
Guide Number      21/69   23/76   28/92   31/102  33/109  38/125

FP Flash output
Zoom Position     24mm    28mm    35mm    50mm    70mm    105mm
GN @ 1/125        13/43   14/46   17/56   19/62   20/66   23/76
1/250             10/33   11/36   14/46   15/50   16/53   19/62
1/500              7/24    8/26   10/33   11/36   12/39   13/43
1/1000             5/16    6/20    7/23    8/26    8/27    9/31
1/2000             4/13    4/13    5/16    5/18    6/20    7/23
1/4000             3/9     3/9     4/12    4/13    4/14    5/16

Color Temperature: Equivalent to daylight, approximately 5500 Kelvin.

Flash Coverage Angle: Zoom position is automatically set to any of six positions according to focal length data received for the lens when shutter button is partially depressed. If no data is received from the lens (such as when using non-coupled lenses) zoom position is automatically set at 35mm. In bounce flash position, zoom is automatically set at 50mm.

Zoom Positions: Six. (24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm & 105mm) Zoom positions are indicated by red LEDs on the back of the unit.

Bounce Positions: Four. (0, 60, 75, 90 degrees)

Flash Synchronization: Synchronization speeds in normal operation vary according to camera exposure mode with normal maximum speed of 1/125th sec. Using Elan II or IIE cameras with the Speedlite 380EX set to FP sync, high-speed synchronization from 1/180th to 1/4000th sec. is possible. FP sync is only possible in Intelligent Program, Shutter- priority, Aperture-priority and Manual modes. Flash synchronization is normally set for first curtain. (In other words, flash fires at beginning of exposure.) Second curtain sync (flash fires at end of exposure) is possible with Elan II or IIE cameras via setting on camera.

Flash Connection: Shoe mount for fully automatic operation. Also may be connected via Canon off-camera TTL flash accessories.

Exposure Control Modes:
(1) New E-TTL prestored evaluative control with EOS Elan II or IIE cameras.
(2) FE Lock with Elan II or IIE cameras.
(3) TTL auto flash control with other Canon EOS and T90 cameras.

Auto Flash Confirmation: Green LED lights for 2 seconds to confirm automatic exposure after the flash is fired.

Automatic Flash Range:

Normal Operation: Effective from 2.3 to 56 feet (0.7 - 17 meters) when set to 50mm position using ISO 100 film. FP Sync: Effective from 2.3 to 33 feet (0.7 - 10 meters) at 1/250 second, varies with shutter speed.

Display Signals (on flash): LEDs indicate zoom position, coupling with Elan II cameras (E-TTL indicator light), ready light, auto flash confirmation signal.

Autofocus Assist Beam: Fires when necessary in low light conditions using Elan II/IIE cameras with center focusing point selected, or when using other EOS cameras only having center focusing point. At all other times Canon EOS cameras will emit beam.

Save Energy (SE) Function: Power automatically shuts off after 90 seconds. Will automatically turn on again with EOS cameras when the shutter button is depressed or when test firing button is depressed.

Power source: Uses 4 AA-size alkaline, NiCd or lithium batteries. Recycle times and number of flashes per set of batteries varies with temperature and battery type.

3-1/8 in. (W) x 6-5/8 in. (H) x 2-3/8 in. (D)
80mm (W) x 169mm (H) x 61mm (D)

Weight: 9.5 oz./270g