Eos-bar codes

This program, written by Andrew Larkin (I don't know where he is now, or what his email address might be either) was referenced in the EOS FAQ. It is a windows program and requires one of the \windows\system VBRUNXXX.DLL files (where XXX may be 100, 200 or 300 - I don't know which). I know NOTHING more about this program, so you are wasting your time asking me. It's here because of requests. It's all I have. Again, I don't know where the author is or how to contact him. I don't know where to get the VBRUNXXX.DLL files either, or what even what they are, or which one you need. If YOU know which one is reqired and where to get it from, send me email and I'll put it in this file.

Use at your own risk. As far as I know it's clean (no viruses), but you should check EVERY executable file you download before running it. Don't ask me how to use it, or why it doesn't work (if it doesn't) on your system. I don't know! It does seem to run on mine. If you have the correct VBRUN files, you just run it and it appears to work (though I've no idea if the bar codes it generates do what the program suggests they will).

Download the EOS bar code program now.


The following feedback was received from Rodolfo Gamberale. If anyone has any further information or any comments on whether they have been able to read the bar codes ,please send it in to me, and/or contact Rodolfo.

The mysterious VBRUNXXX file which must accompany Andrew Larkin's program is indeed VBRUN200.DLL, i.e. the runtime library for Microsoft's Visual Basic for Windows release 2.0 (quite elderly now).

The problem with the program is that, at least with the barcode reader I have, the codes generated are unreadable, whereas the original ones provided by Canon work flawlessly.

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