Source: Owner's Manual

Canon EOS 500


Type 35mm focal plan shutter AF/AE SLR (single-lens reflex camera with built-in auto film winder, flash and [auto date function]).
Usable lenses Canon EF lens series.
Lens mount Canon EF mount (electronic signal transfer system).
Viewfinder 90% vertical and horizontal coverage.
Magnification x0.7 (50mm lens on infinity).
Focussing screen Complete matte screen with fixed, AF frame, partial metering mark.
Shooting modes 1. Manual
2. Automatic depth-of-field AE
3. Aperture-priority AE
4. Shutter-priority AE
5. Program AE (with program shift)
6. Full auto
7. Programmed Image Control (four types)
8. Flash AE (A-TTL with the built-in flash or A-TTL or TTL program flash AE with a Speedlite)
Camera shake warning Operates in full auto and in image zones. Shutter speed blinks as a warning when automatically-set shutter speed becomes 0-0.5 stops slower than "1/focal length of the lens in use".
Metering range EV 2-20 (at normal temperature, 50mm f/1.4 lens at ISO 100)
Film speed setting ISO 6-6400, automatically set according to DX code. (ISO 25-5000)
Exposure compensation Manual setting +/- two stops in 1/2-stop increments. (Cannot also be used in image zone).
Multiple-exposures Up to nine exposures can be preset. Automatically clears on completion.
AF control system 1. One-shot autofoxuc/stop on completion or release on completion possible.
2. AI Focus/ONe-shot autofocus, switches automatically to AI Servo.
3. Manual/with the focus mode switch on M, manuall focussing is possible.
AF working range EV 1.5-18 (at ISO 100 standard chart)
Shutter Vertical-travel, focal plane shutter with all speeds electronically controlled.
Shutter speed 1/2000-30sec. and bulb. X-syncho on 1/90sec. (1/2 increment settings possible).
Self-timer Electronically controlled. (with about 10 second delay).
Film Loading Automatic. After film loading and back cover closure, the film automatically winds to the end of the roll and stops.
Film Wind Automatic film wind:
1. Single shot.
2. Continuous shooting (up to a maximum of about one frame per second).
Rewind Automatic rewind. Rewind in mid roll possible
Built-in flash Retractable type TTL automatic flash housed in pentaprism. Bypass control system.
1. Guide number 12 (ISO 100 m)
2. Recycling type approx. 2 sec.
3. Flash coverage angle: cover the angle of view of a 28mm lens.
Flash contacts X-sync contact, which connects directly to the accessory shoe.
Batteries 2 lithium CR123A/DL123A batteries
Battery capacity check Can be checked by setting the command dial to any setting outside the special mode zones.
Size 145 (W) x 92 (H) x 61.9 (D) mm.
Weight About 355g, or 365g with the quartz date function. (Body only and excluding the two CR123A/DL123A lithium batteries).

Lens specifications

Lens EF35-80 f/4 - 5.6 II EF80-200 f/4 - 5.6 USM
Angle of View Diagonal 63deg-30deg 30deg-12deg
Vertical 38deg-17deg 17deg-7deg
Horizontal 54deg-25deg 25deg-10deg
Optical Construction 8 elements in 8 groups 10 elements in 7 groups
Minimum aperture 22-32 22-27
Maximum magnification 35mm 80mm
0.12 (212x328mm) 0.065 (366x546mm)
80mm 200mm
0.25 (97x144mm) 0.156 (153x226mm)
Diameter and number of filters usable 52 mm, 1 52 mm, 1
Length x maximum diameter 61x65mm 78.5x69mm
Weight 170g 260g