Cut from the newsgroups - author unknown

The March 1995 issue of Popular Photography has an "in-depth" report on an underwater housing for the Canon EOS A2/A2E. It is mnfr by Kenko Delphinus model no. CE-05. It allows full control of all the A2/A2E features. Because it is based on the EOS A2 it is faster and more versatile in the autofocus department, has many more lens possibilities, and offers more control of camera features then the Nikonos RS. The Nikonos RS is more compact and easier to maintain, but has limited dry land use, and very expensive lens options. Get the Nikonos flash to go with this outfit and your still $1000 below the price of a comperably equipped Nikonos RS outfit.

The housing is $1,999 U.S. with Wide-Angle Port and Extension Ring L. Other models are available for the EOS Elan and Rebel X/XS