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  • You can purchase something from one of the affiliates who advertise on this website. There are two main affiliates, AMAZON and ADORAMA.

    You might think AMAZON is just a book store, but you'd be wrong! They sell books of course, but they also sell software, digital cameras, film cameras, lenses, scanner, printers and accessories (ink, paper, cables etc.). They seem to be stocking more and more photo stuff, usually very competitive prices, good service and, quite often, free shipping. I use them myself, so they must be good!

    ADORAMA are a dedicated photo discount store. They are usually in the top 5 rated major mail-order/web photo retailers. Things you can't (and things you can) get from Amazon, you'll find at Adorama - things like tripods, ball heads, camera bags, film, used equipment, medium and large format gear and so on. There's just about nothing related to photography that you can't get from Adorama.



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