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These pages are an irregularly updated series of images I have taken. Somes a new image is posted each day. Sometimes each week, sometimes each month. If I shoot something that I think is interesting or unusual I'll post it.

There are two links on this page that you'll also find on every page. The first link (see below) is "Latest-Image". That will take you to the most recent image I've published here. The second link is "Archives" which takes you to a page showing all the images (in chronological order). On the blog pages there will also be links to the next and previous images (unless you are looking at the latest image or the first image, then there will just be a previous or next link) and a "permaling" link which will reload the page using a long you can use to always point at that particular image.

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A few Sample images:

Aurora over Bar Harbor, MaineRuby Throated HummingbirdDouble-crested CormoranyWild TurkeyOn the beachFreedom Tower - the final touchesSpeedFalling WaterNew York City - Freedom TowerRetro lookIs it art?Stairway from Heaven?Needs workLoonGarden FigureBass Head LightConeflowerIrisBaby BaboonFox CubFall Foliage

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