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Author Topic: Old Spiratone 18mm lens to Canon 7D (HELP)  (Read 7377 times)  bookmark this topic!
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Old Spiratone 18mm lens to Canon 7D (HELP)
« on: August 03, 2010, 09:50:29 AM »

I have an old Spiratone YS 18mm 3.5 lens that i used to use on my 76 Minolta camera a few years ago. I now have a Canon 7D and would really like to use this lens but have no idea what adapter/mount i need to make this happen.

The lens I have looks like this one:

Any info or links to what i need to buy would be great.

Also, i dont understand what T/T2, M42, YS mounts mean so if you mention them, could you explain what that is and how it relates to this lens?

Bob Atkins
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Re: Old Spiratone 18mm lens to Canon 7D (HELP)
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2010, 08:22:50 PM »

If that lens has a fixed Minolta MD mount, there is no simple mechanical adapter possible which will allow infinity focus. There are MD to EOS adaopter which allow infinity focus, but they have optics in them which will (a) degrade image quality and (b) act as a weak multiplier making the effective focal length of the lens longer.

With the Spiratone lens it may be possible to remove the Minolta mount and replace it with something else, but I'm not familiar with the lens and I don't know how it is constructed or how the mount is attached. If it has the YS mount, then if you unscrew the Minolta MD part, it should screw into a T mount adapter for EOS. The stop down pin might have to be jammed in the stop down position to make the aperture adjustable.

You can find T mount adapters on ebay

See for more details on adapters in general.

T/T2 refer to "T mount"  a screw thread developed by Tamron so that their early lenses (late 50s) could be adapted to many different cameras. T2 is a slightly modified T mount to sllow additional adjustment.

M42 refers to the Pentax Screw Mount. It's very similar to the T mount (42mm diameter), but the thread pitch is different.

YS is very similar to the T mount system (same thread diameter and pitch), but adds a pin which is used to automatically stop the lens down when shooting. It's not very common. It's also sometimes known as a T3
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