Advanced NASA camera catches amazing detail in rocket test

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A revolutionary new video camera capable of catching extremely detailed footage is helping NASA learn more about its rocket booster technology. But as an engineer noted, it didn’t all go according to plan during a recent test of the prototype camera tech.

Source: Advanced NASA camera catches amazing detail in rocket test

Photo London 2016

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Director and co-founder of Photo London Michael Benson chooses ten stand out images from the fair, which highlight key issues and trends in the photography industry

Anton Corbijn, David Bowie, London,1993, Courtesy Camera Work

At the AIPAD Photography Show, Training Your Eyes to See More

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Entering the Park Avenue Armory is never not a majestic (though words like “intimidating” and “ominous” could also work) experience. All of its dark wooden staircases and gothic chandeliers make a visit feel more like a tour through a historic mansion than the reason I’m usually there once a year: The Photography Show, the annual gathering of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers, also known as AIPAD.

Source: At the AIPAD Photography Show, Training Your Eyes to See More

Exploring Eroticism Through Photography 

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The sun slowly rises against an 18th-century Mallorcan farmhouse in Spain. Inside, seven photographers lounge, coffee in hand, near a cackling fireplace. Sleepy-eyed yet engaged, each weighs in on the discussion: from ethics debates to work critiques to personal disclosures. They have talked through the night and, well, for seven days, about one thing: eroticism.

Source: Exploring the Meaning of Eroticism Through Photography | TIME

Motion captured: five of the best dance photographs

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From postcards of ballerinas to digital shots where the performers barely look human, the art of snapping dancers has had a dramatic evolution

Source: Motion captured: five of the best dance photographs

Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium review

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Is there more to say about Robert Mapplethorpe, the photographer whose cool images of lilies and leather elicited the hottest of controversies in the Reagan and Bush years? So much more, it turns out

Source: Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium review – hunting for sex and death | Culture | The Guardian

Color photos of the Great Depression 

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The Great Depression remains one of the darkest periods of American history, and pictures from that time usually reflect the experience. They are – typically – grainy and black and white, giving a window into time defined by Hoovervilles, around the block unemployment lines, and people waiting for a piece of bread.Now the Library of Congress has released stunning new photographs that show the period in vivid color, showcasing the strength of families, the recovery of farming and the joys of state fairs as the nation emerged from a dark time.

Source: Stunning color photos of the Great Depression | Daily Mail Online

British Life Photography awards

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A picture of people photographing the summer solstice at Stonehenge is the winner of this year’s British Life Photography award. The image, titled Past Present, was taken by Elena Marimon Munoz and triumphed in the Brits on Holiday category.

Source: British Life Photography awards – BBC News

Indian photographers on shortlist of Sony World Photography Contest

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Most photographers will agree that the secret to getting a great photograph is a combination of timing and sheer luck. Six Indian shutterbugs who are among 270 photographers shortlisted and whose images count among 2.3 lakh submissions for the Sony World Photography awards, 2016, tell us how they got their perfect shots.

Source: Six Indians on shortlist of world’s biggest photography contest talk about their stunning shots

Patti Smith’s photography

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The punk poet has spent years taking pictures with her vintage Polaroid Land 250. Now her work is being shown in New York. Just don’t expect perfection

Source: Patti Smith: ‘I’m not trying to change the world with photography’