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Logitech X-220 Review

Logitech X-220 Review
I was looking for an inexpensive set of speakers for my PC, so I could listen to music during those long hours of digital image editing. Just like the Midas guy I decided that "I wasn't going to pay a lot for those speakers", but I still wanted something that sounded good.

Since I was out shopping one day when the urge hit, I picked up two sets of speakers to try. One was a GE Ultrasonic 2.1 speaker set, the other was an Altec Lansing 121 2.1 speaker set. Both were selling for $29.99.

BTW if you're confused by speaker specs like I was, 2.1 refers to a system with 2 small speakers and one sub-woofer. The small speakers sit on the desk and reproduce the high notes. The sub-woofer sits under the desk and reproduces the low notes. There are also 4.1 and 5.1 systems for surround sound with 4 or 5 small speakers and one sub-woofer.

Anyway I set them up and listened to them. The Altec Lansings were disappointing. The sound wasn't good and they distorted badly when turned up to full volume. They went into the pile for returns...

The GE Ultrasonics weren't as bad, but they still weren't great. Sound was better, but they still distorted at high volume and their consumer interface designer must have been having a bad day when he designed them. All the controls (on/off, volume and bass volume) were slick shiny conical knobs with no gripping surface. Not only were they hard to turn, but they were also mounted on the sub-woofer. Remember now that the sub-wooofer goes UNDER the desk, so every time you wanted to make an adjustment you had to grovel down under the desk and try to get those shiny knobs to turn. Unsatisfactory. The GE's joined the Altecs in the "to be returned queue".

At this point I did my homework, surfed the net for reviews and finally came down on the Logitech x-220 speakers. They got good reviews and cost well under $50. Too good to be true? Well, no not really.

The Logitech x-220s sound very good. Even at full volume there's little audible distortion, and they can get pretty loud! The bass is deep (and adjustable) and Logitech seem to have hired a good customer interface designer. The on/off switch, volume control and headphone jack are on one of the small desk mounting speakers where you can actually reach them!

Bottom line is that I'm happy with X220s. Not expensive, well designed, good sound. At under $50 I have no complaints at all and can recommend them to anyone looking for an inexpensive set of PC speakers.

If you can't find the X-220s in stock, the Logitech X-230s might be a very good buy also. I think they are the "upgrade" of the X-220s and they also get very good reviews. They're still under $50 so they might be an even better buy than the X-220s!


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