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Digital Photography and PhotoShop Books

Here are a few book selections for the digital photographer. First there a couple of general digital general books, then some specific Photoshop books. I've looked through all of these books personally and I think they're among the better guides and references.

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Digital Photographer's Handbook
by Tom Ang

Neat book. Lots of color, great images, lots of good explanations. Deals with both practical issues, ideas and PhotoShop. Recommended.

Digital Photography: An Introduction
by Tom Ang

The short version of "Digital Photographers Handbook". Cheaper, lightly smaller page size, but most of the pages are identical - except there are less of them (about 1/2 as many). Covers all the basics but leaves out some of the more detailed explanations and more advanced topics. Recommended, but get the "Digital Photographer's Handbook" if you can afford it.

Adobe PhotoShop 7.0 for Photographers, First Edition
by Martin Evening

A look at PhotoShop from the perspective of a photographer, not a computer geek or graphic designer. Not a PhotoShop manual, but that's probably a good thing for most working photographers!

Adobe PhotoShop Master Class: John Paul Caponigro, Second Edition
by John Paul Caponigro

Very much not a PhotoShop manual. Contains lots of ideas, examples and images created (or edited) using PhotoShop. You could sit and read this book (try that with a software manual). This book has something of a spiritual "new-age" feel to it, which you may or may not be a fan of.

Special Edition Using Adobe PhotoShop 7
by Peter Bauer, Jeff Foster 

Big, thick, 1000+ page reference manual. Sometimes we all need these things, but you probably won't curl up with it next to the fire.

Photoshop® 7 Bible
by Deke McClelland 

Another big, thick, 1000+ page reference manual. If you need it, it's probably in there, but not exactly a "page turner".

PhotoShop CS For Dummies
by Deke McClelland, Phyllis Davis 

It's a dummies guide. If you like them, you may like this one. If you hate them, well.... The information is in there, presented in bite sized pieces. No prior knowledge is assumed (just as well if you're a dummy).

Real World Adobe PhotoShop 7
by David Blatner, Bruce Fraser 

One of the best comprehensive (860+ page) guides to PhotoShop for photographers. Well written and well laid out. Recommended.

Real World Adobe PhotoShop CS
by David Blatner , Bruce Fraser 

Only 900+ pages in this one and I don't think it's hit the shelves yet - I haven't seen a copy. However it's supposed to cover all the new features in PhotoShop CS, and if it's as good as the PhotoShop 7 edition, it should be a winner

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