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Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)

 Konica-Minolta Maxxum 5D Review

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging U.S.A., Inc.’s new Maxxum 5D is a high-performance interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera that inherits the revolutionary technology of its predecessor the Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D.

Maxxum 5D Product Highlights

  • Body-integral CCD-shift Anti-Shake Technology reduces blur caused by camera shake and supports all Maxxum AF lenses including the upcoming line of “DT” Lenses.
  • 6.1-megapixel CCD and Konica Minolta’s original image processing technology CxProcess™ III renders images in sharp detail
  • A large, 2.5-inch color LCD monitor provides clear image viewing and data display
  • Comprehensive image adjustment and control for creative applications
  • Easy and Intuitive Operation in a stylish, compact and lightweight package

Maxxum 5D Features

Built-in Anti-Shake Performance with All Maxxum System Lenses*1 The Maxxum 5D inherits the revolutionary technology of the Maxxum 7D – the world’s first*2 digital SLR with built-in Anti-Shake Technology and CCD Shift mechanism that is compatible with all Maxxum system lenses*1 including Konica Minolta’s soon to be introduced line of Digital Technology “DT” lenses.

This award winning Anti-Shake Technology was selected as “European Photo Innovation of the Year 2004 – 2005” by EISA*3 and the Maxxum 7D, which also features this technology, was chosen to receive the “Camera Grand Prix 2005” award by the Camera Press Club. This technology provides the equivalent compensation effect with a shutter speed 2 - 3 stops slower*4.

Konica Minolta’s Anti-Shake Technology makes it possible to reduce blur caused by camera shake, even when taking photos in dimly lit or twilight scenes, in natural light with a telephoto lens, as well as macro shots – without relying on a higher ISO setting or the aid of a flash or tripod. Anti-Shake responds quickly to both broad, slow-swaying motion of the camera body and the higher frequency shaking typical of camera shake caused by the photographer’s hands.

The Anti-shake Technology can be switched on or off via a dedicated switch on the camera’s back, and an Anti-shake indicator is displayed on the viewfinder to keep the user informed when it’s active.

Large CCD and Advanced Image Processing Technology Integrating Konica Minolta’s advanced technologies for photo-imaging excellence, the Maxxum 5D boasts an advanced LSI (image processing engine) and CxProcess™ III technology designed to provide stunning, natural-looking images.

As Konica Minolta’s original image processing technology, CxProcess™ III optimizes four essential elements:

1) Sharpness to take full advantage of the advanced optical technologies incorporated into the lens, presenting rich detail and realism without losing the quality of defocused images,

2) Color reproduction to ensure that colors are rendered just as the human eye perceives them such as the subtle hues of natural blue, red, and skin tones,

3) Gradation reproduction to render both clearness and deep presentation of gradations for both shadows and highlights, and

4) Noise reduction to achieve a natural, impressive presentation of textured images.

Big, Bright 2.5-inch LCD with Navigation Display

 Konica-Minolta Maxxum 5D Review

Providing a better view for better photos, the Maxxum 5D incorporates a large, 2.5-inch LCD monitor that also works as a Navigation Display for camera settings. For even greater convenience, the display automatically switches from horizontal to vertical format when shooting in upright “portrait” format and lets users adjust the size of the on-screen text.

Comprehensive image adjustment and creative control

a) Digital Subject Program Selector The Digital Subject Program Selector offers photographers five convenient options: portrait, sports, landscape, evening sunset view, and night view. Using the exposure mode dial, users simply select an appropriate option for their chosen scene, and the new Maxxum 5D automatically selects an appropriate exposure control, AF mode, and image-processing program. This function makes it quick and easy for anyone to take beautiful shots without the need for complicated settings.

b) Digital Effect Control Adding a step of creative flexibility above the Digital Subject Program Selector, the Digital Effect Control lets users select an option among ten scene types, edit the parameters to their preferences, and then store the settings. Once a scene is selected, the Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D automatically sets appropriate image processing and image quality parameters. The exposure can then be manually selected so photographers can customize the contrast and sharpness saturation parameters within five steps from the default values to create the exact look they want.

c) Color temperature setting: In addition to AWB (auto white balance), PWB (preset white balance), custom white balance and color temperature settings, the Maxxum 5D offers added creative freedom with CC (Color Compensation) filter effects and Color Temperature fine-tuning in 100K increments. And, the camera’s G9 (Green) to M9 (Magenta) range enables precise white balance adjustments for difficult lighting situations.

d) White-Balance Bracketing: Offering a new level of convenience and efficiency, this function lets photographers take a shot in differing color temperature settings with two options for their desired color temperature range. Based on the range, the Maxxum 5D records three frames per shutter sequence so users can manually select their favorite frame after the shot.

e) Zone Matching: An inherited feature of the acclaimed Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D, high-key and low-key tone capture extend CCD dynamic range and adjust tone curves to ensure precise reproduction of gradations and suppress noise in low-lighting shots. For example, using high-key mode to take wedding photos under direct sunlight, the fine details of a bride’s white flowers, gown, and train can be reproduced accurately. In comparison, using low-key mode, the texture of a black dress in a dark room can be captured in detail without noise interference.

Easy and Intuitive Operation

a) High-performance, high-speed autofocus (AF) The Maxxum 5D’s high-performance AF system offers exceptional accuracy with a central, cross hair type, 9-point and 8 line AF sensor array that enables high-precision Predictive Focus Control as well as high-speed Subject Tracking for accurately focusing on moving subjects – an indispensable asset in action and sports photography.

b) Smooth, Responsive Continuous Shooting The Maxxum 5D lets users capture up to 30 frames at a speed of approximately 3 frames per second (in Fine JPEG mode). The camera’s high recording speed enables users to continue shooting smoothly afterwards.

c) User-friendly dials and controls The Maxxum 5D offers a simple, user-friendly configuration of dials and controls that even beginner SLR camera users will quickly feel familiar with. Added functions provide users who are moving up from more basic models with intuitive control; for example, the exposure mode dial also operates the five options of the Digital Subject Program Selector, and an independent lever ensures quick and easy white balance control. Electronic menus display adjustable parameters to meet the demands of advanced photographers, and a menu call button simplifies menu navigation. Enhancing ease of use further still, operating procedures that use common keys have been standardized across functions/screens so that users can navigate intuitively without having to refer the instructions.

d) High-performance viewfinder A bright, clear optical viewfinder displays essential shooting parameters at the bottom of the frame, providing users with all the information they need to make creative adjustments quickly. It also incorporates a spherical acute matte focusing screen for accurate, bright critical focusing assessment. And, to accommodate the camera’s smaller design, the Maxxum 5D employs a newly developed forward-bend finder optical system and roof-mirror type of pentaprism.

Durable, Compact Body and High-Quality Texture

The Maxxum 5D enhances camera reliability through its strong build quality. The body is constructed using sturdy glass fiber plastic, making it lighter and smaller than the Maxxum 7D by about 22% in volume, while a functional rubber grip based on new ergonomic design research provides an ideal hand fit.


1 With the camera’s AF macro-zoom 1x to 3x specialist lenses and Anti-Shake function turned off
2 As an Interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera
3 The European Imaging and Sound Association, publishing 50 major photography and AV magazines in 20 European countries
4 The Anti-Shake technology correction effect varies with the shooting conditions and lens used


Camera Type Digital SLR with built-in flash and interchangeable lenses
Lens Mount Minolta A-type bayonet mount
Image Capture font-size:11.0pt; font-family: Interline primary color CCD (23.5 mm x 15.7 mm) with interlace scan
Image Sensor font-size:11.0pt; font-family:: font-size:11.0pt; font-family:
Number of Pixels (approximately): Total: 6.3 million, Effective: 6.1 million
Sensitivity: font-size:11.0pt; font-family: Auto, ISO 100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 equivalent
White Balance Control Automatic: Preset (Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Flash), Custom, Color temperature (2500 - 9900 k with 19-step Magenta / Green compensation)
Recording Media:

Type I and Type II CompactFlash Cards, Microdrive, SD Memory Card*, MultiMediaCard* [ * with optional SD-CF1

File format: JPEG, RAW (DCF 2.0 compliant, DPOF supported by printing functions in ver.1.1, Exif 2.21)
Number of Recorded Pixels: L: 3008 x 2000, M: 2256 x 1496, S: 1504 x 1000
Color Mode: Natural, Natural Plus, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night View, Night Portrait, Black & White, Adobe RGB, Embedded Adobe RGB. Except for Adobe RGB and Embedded Adobe RGB, all other color modes use the sRGB color space.
Image Quality Mode: Standard, Fine, Extra-Fine, RAW, RAW+JPEG
Contrast / Saturation / Sharpness : 5 steps: +2, -1, +-0, +1, +2
Noise Reduction: Available at shutter speeds longer than 1 second
Delete Function: Single, multiple, or all frames in a folder / memory card can be deleted. Folders can be deleted in the File Browser.
LCD Monitor: 2.5-inch TFT color
Total Pixels: 115,000
Playback Mode: Single-frame (Image only, Image and information), Histogram with luminance limit display, Index (4, 9, or 16 frames), Enlarged playback (up to approximately 5x), File Browser, Slideshow, manual and auto rotation
Autofocus System
Type: (TTL) phase-detection system
Sensor: font-size:11.0pt; font-family: CCD line sensors (9 points, 8 lines with center cross-hair sensor)
Sensitivity Range: -1 EV - 18 EV (at ISO 100 equivalent)
Main Functions: Wide AF area, spot AF area, and 9 local AF areas with Focus Area Selection. AF-A / AF-S / AF-C / DMF. Predictive Focus Control (with moving subjects in AF-A and AF-C), auto-tracking focus-point display
AF Illuminator font-family: Available with built-in flash. Range: 3.3 ft. – 16.4 ft. (1 m - 5 m)
Autoexposure System
Metering Type: font-family: TTL metering; multi-segment metering, Center-weighted metering, Spot metering
Metering Cell: font-family: 14-segment honeycomb-pattern SPC
Metering Range: +1 EV - +20 EV (+4 EV to +20 EV with Spot metering), (at ISO 100 with f/1.4 lens)
Exposure  Modes: Auto recording / P (with program shift), A, S, M, and Portrait, Sports Action, Landscape, Sunset, and Night Portrait Digital Subject Programs
Exposure Compensation: +/- 2 EV in 1/3 EV increments
AE Lock: Automatically activated with AF lock, available via AEL button
Flash Metering System: Pre-flash TTL flash metering
Flash Compensation : +/- 2 EV in 1/3 EV increments
Guide No font-size: GN 12 (in meters at ISO 100)
Recycling Time: Approximately 3 seconds
Control font-size Manual (raise the flash to activate)
Flash Modes: Fill Flash, Red-eye reduction (via pre-flash ), Rear Sync flash, (Wireless / Remote off-camera flash, High-speed sync available with Program Flash 5600HS(D) / 3600HS(D)), Slow sync activated via AE lock button
Type: Electronically-controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane type
Speed Range font-size: : 1/4000 second - 30 seconds, bulb exposures possible
Flash Sync Speed font-size 1/160 second (with Anti-Shake off), 1/125 second (with Anti-Shake on)
Type: Fixed eye-level system with roof mirror type pentaprism
Focusing Screen Spherical Acute Matte
Field of View 95 %
Magnification: 0.83 x with 50mm lens at infinity, -1 m-1
Eye Relief: Approximately 20 mm from the eyepiece, 16 mm from the eyepiece frame at -1 diopter (-1m-1)
Diopter Control 2.5 +1.0 m-1
Drive Mode: Single-frame advance, Continuous advance, 10 seconds and 2 seconds Self-timer, Single-frame advance bracketing, Continuous-advance bracketing.
Continuous-advance rate: Approximately 3 frames per second, Maximum 5 frames (RAW), maximum 3 frames (RAW+JPEG)
Exposure Bracketing ith 0.3 EV / 0.7 EV increments, 3 frames
Anti- Shake
System: CCD-Shift mechanism
Anti-Shake Anti-Shake scale in viewfinder
Anti-Shake Compensation Approximately 2 EV - 3 EV decrease in shutter speed (varies according to shooting conditions and lens used)
Other Functions: Instant playback, Customization, Zone Matching Depth-of-field preview
PC Interface font-size: : USB: Full-Speed 12Mbps data transfer with a USB 2.0 compatible computer
Video Output font-size: : font-size: PAL / NTSC (selected on the camera)
Operating Temperature 32 - 104F (0 - 40C)
Printing Output Control Exif Print, PRINT Image Matching III, PictBridge
Battery: font-size: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery NP-400
Battery Performance Number of frames recorded: approximately 550 (CIPA measurement), approximately 700 (Konica Minolta measurement)
External Power Source : 6 V DC ( with AC  adapter AC-11)
Dimensions (WxHxD): Approximately 5.1 x 3.6 x 2.6 inches (130.5 mm x 92.5 mm x 66.5 mm)
Weight: Approximately 20.8 ounces (590 g)* [* without batteries, memory card and body accessories.]

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Body Only

Body with 18-70mm Lens