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Canon EF 35-135/4.0-5.6 USM

This will be a very brief review since I only owned this lens for a few months and sold it about 10 years ago! 

Basically a decent, if unremarkable lens. It has all the features you'd expect - USM motor, silent operation, fast autofocus, full time manual focus, non-rotating front element etc. I didn't find it especially sharp at 135mm, nor is it especially fast (f4 at 35mm to f5.6 at 135mm). 35mm isn't very wide either.

If you really want a lens that covers this range, then this is a decent lens, probably available now at a good price used. 

Personally I'd go for a 28-105 or 28-135 IS if I wanted a wide - short telephoto zoom since I find 28mm a more usable wide angle than 35mm, or if I wanted a prime portrait lens I'd look at the 100/2 or 135/2.8.

I said this review would be short!

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