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We all love to shop. If it wasn't so expensive, I do much more of it!

This page doesn't have any new content, but it does list some of the other pages on this website that deal with shopping issues. I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to collect them in one place.

  • Amazon Search A page on this website which allows you to search the database and which is faster and clearer then the Amazon site itself (isn't technology wonderful!).
  • Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware. An article describing some of the potential problems you might encounter when buying photo equipment - and how to avoid them.
  • Used equipment on the Internet - A guide to some of the problems you might fall foul of when buying used equipment from individuals on the web.
  • A digital primer - Not really a shopping guide, but an explanation of many of the terms and features you need to know about when deciding which digital camera to buy
  • Choosing a Digital Camera - A brief look at what's out there, from cheap P&S to expensive DSLR
  • Choosing a Digital Printer - A brief look at printer specs and suggestions for the best offerings from the 3 major players - Epson, Canon and HP.
  • Lenses for Canon DSLRs - Some suggestions on what might be the best lenses to start out with on your new Canon EOS 10D or 300D (Digital Rebel). Pros and cons of each lens.
  • Top digital camera awards 2004 - This is a list of the cameras chosen as the best in their price range at the 2004 Photo Marketing Association trade show in Las Vegas, February 2004.

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