Abstract: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT (350D) Custom Functions

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Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT (350D) Custom Functions

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT (350D)

The Digital Rebel XT has 9 custom functions which users can set to control a number of camera functions. The following is a list of the EOS Digital REbel XT custom functions:

  • Custom Function # 1 changes the functions of the SET button and the cross keys and provides for quick and easy access to frequently used functions. The five choices are: 0, Normal; 1, SET button controls image recording quality; 2, SET controls processing parameters; 3, SET controls image playback; 4, cross keys control AF point selection.
  • Custom Function # 2 enables the dark noise subtraction noise reduction function for long exposures. It provides clearer images of night scenes or the night sky but doubles image processing time between exposures.
  • Custom Function # 3 sets the flash sync speed in aperture priority auto mode to a fixed 1/200 second or leaves the sync speed on auto/slow sync.
  • Custom Function # 4 determines selectable functions for the shutter and AE lock buttons. The four choices are: 0, AF/AE lock; 1, AE lock/AF; 2, AF/AF lock, no AE lock and 3, AE/AF, no AE lock.
  • Custom Function # 5 controls the AF-assist beam. The three choices are ON, OFF and fire only the external flash.
  • Custom Function # 6 controls whether manually-adjusted exposure level increments are in 1/2 or 1/3 stop units.
  • Custom Function # 7 enables the mirror lockup function. When Custom Function # 7-1 i selected, the mirror locks up when the shutter button is pressed completely. The shot is taken when the shutter button is released and then pressed completely again. The maximum mirror lockup duration is 30 seconds, after which the mirror returns.
  • Custom Function # 8 controls whether the E-TTL II autoflash system operates in its evaluative mode or its averaging mode.
  • Custom Function # 9 determines whether the built-in flash or an accessory Canon EX-series Speedlite is synchronized to fire after the first shutter curtain completes its travel or just before the second shutter curtain begins to move.
For comparison, here's a table of the EOS 20D Custom functions:

01: SET button function 0: Default (no function)
1: Change quality
2: Change parameters
3: Menu display
4: Image replay
02: Long exposure noise reduction 0: Off
1: On
03: Flash sync speed in Av mode 0: Automatic (slow sync)
1: Fixed at 1/250 sec (when using flash)
04: Shutter button / AE lock button 0: Shutter half-press: AE, AF. [*]: AE lock
1: [*]: AE, AF. Shutter half-press: AE lock
2: Shutter half-press: AE, AF. [*]: AF lock (no AE lock)
3: [*]: AE, AF (no AE lock). Shutter half-press: AE
05: AF-assist beam / Flash firing 0: Emits
1: Does not emit
2: Only ext. flash emits
06: Exposure level increments 0: 1/2 stop increments
1: 1/3 stop increments
07: Flash firing 0: Fires
1: Does not fire
08: ISO expansion 0: Off
1: On
09: Bracket sequence / auto cancel 0: 0, -, + / Enable
1: 0, -, + / Disable
2: -, 0, + / Enable
3: -, 0, + / Disable
10: Superimposed display 0: On (highlight AF points on focusing screen)
1: Off
11: Menu button return position 0: Previous (top if camera is powered off)
1: Previous
2: Top
12: Mirror lockup 0: Disable (normal)
1: Enable (first press of shutter release flips mirror up, second press takes exposure - reduces vibration)
When enabled camera's self-timer reduces to 3 secs
13: AF point selection method 0: Normal
1: Multi-controller direct
2: Quick control dial direct
14: E-TTL II 0: Evaluative
1: Average
15: Shutter curtain sync 0: 1st curtain sync (flash fires after shutter opens)
1: 2nd curtain sync (flash fires before shutter closes)
16: Safety shift in Av or Tv 0: Disabled
1: Enabled
17: Lens AF stop button function 0: AF stop
1: AF start
2: AE lock while metering
3: AF point:M -> Auto/Auto -> ctr.
4: One Shot <> AI Servo
5: IS start
18: Add original decision data 0: Off
1: On

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