Abstract: Paint Shop Pro version 9

Photography - Canon EOS, digital, nature, Canon EOS 20D


  1. Introduction
  2. Tool Bars and Histograms
  3. Image Adjustments, Special Effects
  4. Layers and CA removal
  5. Noise reduction and RAW files
  6. Conclusions

Paint Shop Pro Version 9

Noise Removal and RAW files

The Noise removal function also works pretty well. Below is an example (shot at ISO 3200 on an EOS 10D):

noise.gif (56386 bytes)

Again, it's certainly possible that stand alone programs (often selling for as much as the whole PSP9 package) may do an equally good or better job. However the PSP9 noise removal function is quite effective, and it's very fast and convenient. It's user adjustable, with the amount of noise suppression under user control, as are the highlight, shadow and mid-range points in the image which are used to sample noise (the crosses on the thumbnail image).

A final example of a feature available in PSP9 (but not PSP8) is the ability to open RAW files from many digital cameras. The dialog box is shown below:

raw.gif (35748 bytes)

The Raw converter allows up to +/- 2 stops of exposure compensation and permits adjustment of white balance and image sharpening, as well as image rotation. While this isn't as comprehensive a set of adjustments as Photoshop CS or manufacturer supplied RAW conversion programs, it's still very useful. Currently the following camera RAW files are supported:

Canon 300D Rebel, D30, D60, 10D, 1D, 1Ds, 1D Mark II, Powershot G3, Powershot G5
Nikon D1, D1h, D100, D2h, D1X, D70
Olympus 5050, 5060, E1, E10, E20; Fuji S2 Pro, S7000
Pentax *ist
Minolta A1, A2
Kodak 760, 14N, 14c

Support for additional cameras models will be provided through Paint Shop Pro's auto-update feature as they become available

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